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Halloween is coming! Dreaming up an amazing costume idea? Need a variety of tools and knowledge that you don’t have yet? Don’t know where to start? Take this workshop and make it happen! You, your fellow classmates, and instructors will all assist in making your Halloween costume idea a reality. The 5-session format for this workshop provides access, assistance, and instruction across many areas of the ADX studios, in wood, metal, textile, and print. First class is a brainstorming session and introduction to the tools that might be necessary for your costume; following sessions are open...


$25.00 for first time players, $40.50 for returning players.
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200 years ago, the gates that lead us to this world came crashing down, stranding us light years from our home worlds. They never reopened.
Back then, Nexxus seemed worth fighting for. And we did, thinking the other side would pack up and go.

Back then, we had everything. Now? Well…the black market’s great for spare parts, and your lucky if that two-bit ritualist doesn’t tear a hole straight through to the monsters waiting on the other side of this fragile reality. Now, as magic dies and technology fails around us, we must to put aside our old hatreds and work together for...

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It's  the end of the world as we know it...and we feel fine.


The Great War between humans and elves closed the gates to this place, leaving us stranded in a world of high magic and weird science. Join us for a collaborative storytelling event full of mystery, adventure, and fun with foam swords and nerf guns.


You'll laugh. You'll cry. You might be eaten by a Grue.


Dates and Locaions:

June: 17th -19th in Sandy OR

July: 8th -10th in Longview, WA

August : 19th - 20th in Longview WA

September : 9th -11th in Sandy, OR...



An evening of trivia for every kind of film fan. Justify all of the time spent watching and reading about movies by bringing your brain to The Movie Quiz!

The Movie Quiz is exactly what it sounds like – an evening of trivia for every kind of film fan. Your movie knowledge will be put to the test with questions about movies old, new, good, bad and everything in between! Can you identify a particular film from its soundtrack, dialogue or a screen cap? Can you spot your favorite actor just by what they said and looked like in a particular role? It’s time to justify all of the time...


$30. public/$25. members

Join us for a swanky Tiki Party. Wear your best Vintage cocktail party, beachcomber or formal wear. Pirate or mermaid, or Rockabilly? Sure, it's all good! costume admired but not required.

Location: West Hills UU Fellowship 8470 SW Oleson Road, Portland, OR 97223

* Polynesian themed buffet dinner includes gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options* Tiki Tavern (BYOB)* Silent...


Single night ticket $20. Two-night festival pass $35.

THE PORTLAND HORROR FILM FESTIVAL is committed to bringing the best independent short and feature length horror films to the best movie-watching audience in the world! PHFF was created by Brian and Gwen Callahan (also the Directors of the H.P. LOVECRAFT FILM FESTIVAL).


It’s no secret that some of the best horror films being made are low-budget, independent films, but they can be hard to find and once they’re out of the festival circuit, some can’t be seen anywhere else. For two nights only, we’re bringing them to you on the big screen. You’ll see films made by everyone from...


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