Finally! Shirts!

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Geeks! Nerds! Fans! FINALLY and for a limited time, we have shirts!


Starting RIGHT NOW you can click over to TeeSpring and buy a shirt for yourself! And while you’re at it if you want to pick up some shirts for your family, your friends, your neighbors, coworkers, clients...sorry. Look, this is what happens when the Merch Person writes the announcement post.


The shirt’s artwork was designed by our awesome owner, Chris Wright. The physical shirts and orders are being processed by TeeSpring in a variety of styles and the widest range of sizes that TeeSpring offers. We wanted *everybody* to be able to find a shirt that fits them properly (or as close to everybody as we could get).


The t-shirts will be on sale from RIGHT NOW through the 30th and are selling for an itty bitty less than $20. There's also a hoodie for $49.99!


The money earned will be used to fund site operations (Chris is paying for those out of his own pocket right now and we’d like to let him stop doing that) and to build a fund to produce events, offer longer-form content, and a bunch of other pie in the sky ideas that we’ve been fantasizing about.


Most importantly, 10% of our profits will be donated to Portland’s Momentum Alliance--a local non-profit whose mission we wholeheartedly support. In Momentum Alliance’s own words:


“Our mission is to inspire young people to realize their power individually and collectively and to mentor future social justice leaders. We are undocumented, immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQ, gang-affected, HIV-positive, low-income youth, youth of color, youth transitioning from foster care, homelessness and incarceration, youth with disabilities, youth who have experienced war, domestic violence and abuse, teen parents and allies.”


So! There you go! Shirts! Yay!

You know you want one.