Leia Worthington launches her Kickstarter for Bold Riley: Unspun

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The second volume of Leia Weathington’s sword-and-sorcery epic The Legend of Bold Riley starts here! 

Rilavashana SanParite, called Bold Riley is a wild young princess from the prosperous eastern nation of Prakkalore. On her 17th birthday she abdicates her claims to the throne, packs a small bag with her mother's maps, saddles up a horse and departs to explore the world of The Coin.

The first volume in this series, The Legend of Bold Riley saw our hero fighting gluttonous monsters, uncovering a ruined temples murderous secret, meeting powerful gods and experiencing her first heartbreak. Now Bold Riley trudges South, lost in her own grief and without any real purpose. However there are witches on the moors, hungry spirits haunting still pools, and trouble brewing in the fabulous desert city state of Kabumzala and Bold Riley won’t have much time for self pity…

The story of Bold Riley: Unspun , released through Northwest Press, is a planned 8 volume full color series. It’s ambitious in its scope as each volume contains a handful of chapters each illustrated by a different artist. 

For more information on Bold Riley: Unspun and it's pledge levels, visit the Kickstarter page!