Drink Together, Stay Together: Alcohol’s Effects on Social Relationships


WHAT:  Drink Together, Stay Together:  Alcohol’s Effects on Social Relationships;  Velo Cult with Andre Walcott (Behavioral Neuroscience, OHSU) and Bryn Harding (a recent graduate of PNCA);  How drugs influence relationships, with changes revealed by behavior and brain structure, and through the art of portraiture…

WHERE:  Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR 97213


WHEN:  Thursday, September 21, 6 – 8pm


Does drinking keep a relationship healthy  –  or split couples apart?  Do you drink more, or less, than your partner?  What if one person drinks and the other doesn’t?  What can prairie voles teach us about drugs and relationships, and can portraits of people under the influence reveal subtle aspects of connection, strengthened or frayed  –  connections illuminated by analysis of behavior and structures in our brains?



Discover the art and neuroscience of drugs and social relationships with Andre Walcott (OHSU) and Bryn Harding at Velo Cult THURSDAY (9/21) from 6-8pm!