Science Pub Portland: Genome Sequencing


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¡Viva La Evolución! What Have We Learned 25 Years Into the Genomics Era?

With Sarah Schaack, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology at Reed College

Doors Open @ 5PM | $5 Suggested Donation


It’s been more than 25 years since the launch of the human genome sequencing project, and there are as many questions as before about the role of genotype for phenotype in biology.  What does it really mean to “sequence the genome”? What do we learn from genome sequences? In this talk, we’ll explore the answers to these questions, both by exploring what is known about the human genome and examining other whole genome sequencing projects that now are routine undertakings in biology.  What does the genome contain?  Are there surprises? What do we know about the relationship between genes, traits, and genetic diseases?  A portion of the talk will be focused on a few genome sequencing projects we’ve spearheaded as examples of how we explore the genome to answer old questions, and to generate new ones.


Sarah Schaack is an associate professor of biology at Reed College.  Previously, Sarah has given Science Pub lectures on the rampant movement of promiscuous DNA within and between genomes and explored some of the factors influencing the evolution of genome size.  Her research focuses on spontaneous mutations, mobile DNA, and genome evolution and her work has appeared in the many of the top journals in genetics and biology.

Dinner will be available in the restaurant, Theory, or from the Empirical Café. Guests can check-in at the theater entrance to reserve a seat before grabbing dinner and drinks. Food and drink are welcome in the theater. Parking is free for the event. Doors open at 5pm.


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