Summer Slow Jams 1: The Demo Game Jam


Demo Game Jam

Make a game project with friends and community members over the course of a week! Summer Slow Jams is a collection of game jam events happening once a month this summer, providing structure and networking opportunities for creatives in Portland.

The Demo Game Jam will have the general theme of "make a game project you can showcase." PIGSquad defines "game project" as anything related to games – a game itself, an album, a piece of art, an app, an animation about games, etc. There will be a secondary creative theme delivered on the Saturday the 20th meetup to give you the direct opportunity to show off your project afterwards; prepare to create something social and shareable! 

Summer Slow Jams 1 encourages you to create a game project over the course of a week as an individual or on a team from June 20th through June 28th, either in person or remotely. Major dates for the jam are as follows:

• Thursday, June 18th: Pre-jam! Developers meet up at PIGSquad's monthly Art/Code night to talk strategy for the upcoming week. Feel free to use this time to meet developers if you want to work on a team!

• Saturday, June 20th: Jam start! In addition to the above theme of "Demo Game," you will be given a creative theme at an opening party that will encourage you to develop your project for expos in Portland.

• TBA: Weekday meetups!

• Sunday, June 28th: Jam end! Everybody gets together to show off what they've made!

Other Details
• Keep an eye on our Facebook event for updates and resources!
• Our event is open to –and provides great opportunity for– all those who wish to participate, including total beginners, industry veterans, and anything in between.
• This event will operate in an inclusive, discrimination-free environment with no tolerance for abuse or harassment.
• This event is free, and participation is welcome from the public.