Troubadour Believers w/ The Doubleclicks, Allie Goertz, Lucia Fasano & Barbara Holm



Troubadour Believers: A Night of Nerdy Folk

Join us June 8th at the soon-to-be newly opened Books With Pictures comic shop forTroubadour Believers, a whimsical night of nerdy, funny music from internationally renowned nerd folk band The Doubleclicks, visiting geeky love-song singer Allie Goertz (recently opened for Nerf Herder & released Rick & Morty Album, seen on Buzzfeed here), and musicians and comedians Lucia Fasano (Portlandia) and Barbara Holm (Bridgetown). Hosted by Lucia Fasano! 

 The Doubleclicks are a nationally-touring, Billboard charting nerd band with a cello, a meowing cat keyboard, and songs about dinosaurs, Cats & Netflix, space and Dungeons and Dragons. Their YouTube videos boast over 2 million views and have been featured on BoingBoing, Kotaku, theHuffington Post, and on NPR shows “Live Wire” “All Things Acoustic” and “State of Wonder.” Find out more at

Allie Goertz is a musician and comic whose obsession with pop-culture and feelings has born an album of nerdy love songs, a Rick and Morty concept album, two popular TV-themed podcasts (Everything's Coming Up Podcast and Fire Talk With Me), and a troubling Twitter addiction. Since releasing her first crowd-sourced album in 2013, she's been touring the country opening for and playing alongside her favorite comics and musicians. She currently works in hazy Los Angeles as a social media producer [email protected]. You have seen her at SF Sketchfest, SDCC, New York Funny Songs Fest, IFC's10 Comedy Musicians You Need To Know, and that vegan cafe in Highland Park.

Lucia Fasano is a Portland-based comedian, musician, and cartoonist from Los Angeles. She’s recently appeared in IFC’s Portlandia, on the All Jane Comedy Festival and the New York Funny Songs Fest, as well as shows all over the country. Her work has been featured on @midnight, in The Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, The Mary Sue, and more. She writes and co-stars in the comedy web-series Catty B’s, draws comics for humor site The Higgs Weldon, is a frequent guest on improv comedy podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco, and is a member of the improv group Teacher’s Pet. She has a music album coming soon produced by the great Larry Crane at Jackpot Recording. Her music has been described as "P.J. Harvey meets Neutral Milk Hotel", and her comedy has been called “sharply hilarious”, not even because of all the knives. Follow her on Twitter at lucia_fasano. 

Portland comedian Barbara Holm has performed at the San Francisco Sketchfest, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the All Jane Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot Arts festival, Rose City Comic Con, PAX Convention, and the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston. She has written for IGN, The Portland Mercury, and the Huffington Post. She has been awarded Time Out New York’s Joke of the Week and was named “one of the best things about comedy in 2012” by the Comedy Bureau. Her comedy has been described as clever, unique, idiosyncratic, and exuberant. Seattle City Arts Magazine called her a “comedy wizard” and Seattle Stranger Newspaper described her as an “adorable wunderkind” and she describes herself as “running away from this question to hide under the desk right now.”

Poster art by Carolyn Main