Coming straight from the primordial ooze of Usenet, before crawling onto the sulphuric shores of early messageboards, Bobby Roberts has evolved, Pokemon-like, into varying media forms: pop-culture obsessed DJ (Geek: Remixed), freelance film and pop-culture critic (Aint It Cool News,, and radio host (cortandfatboy).

From there he stepped sideways into the world of podcasting, having produced and/or co-hosted shows such as Welcome to That Whole Thing, Full of Sith, Ham-Fisted Radio with Dawn Taylor, Chronicles of the Nerds, A Happy Go Lucky Podcast with Leia Weathington, Nerdfight, Film Fever Radio/Geek in the City Radio, and Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men.

When not messing around with mixing boards and microphones, Roberts has managed to also appear onstage in Road House! The Play, two seasons of Trek in the Park (including a turn as tribble-peddler Cyrano Jones), and as a writer/castmember in legendary Portland sketch troupe The 3rd Floor’s The Shame Company. ; and is a four-time host of the Stumptown Comics Awards. He was one of the founding members of the Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture, and manages to fit all that stuff around his 9-to-5 as the Calendar Editor and Office Manager at alt-weekly publication the Portland Mercury.

Bobby Roberts is not very good at keeping his head down and being quiet, basically.

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