Cloud Cap Games

 James and Kirsten Brady and friends started Cloud Cap Games in 2010. Their goal was to create a unique community-minded atmosphere focused on reviving the valuable social experiences that tabletop games and puzzles can provide.

The combination of Kirsten’s artistic talents with James’ scientific background have helped us embark on a journey to meet some fascinating folks, then crush them with cards and dice!

Play for fun, play to learn, play to live, let them help you put play back on the table! Cloud Cap Games specializes in board games, card games, and puzzles, including work by local artists and craftsfolk. From strategy games and party games to roleplaying games and collectible card games, their unique selection has something for all ages and interests.

Try before you buy in their cozy play space, take home a rental game, or join them for one of their regular game gatherings or special events. Stretch your imagination and travel to new worlds. The choice is yours, the possibilities limitless.

Come stick your head in the clouds and play together!

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