Cosmic Monkey Comics

Cosmic Monkey Comics carries a full selection of new comics, back issues, graphic novels and supplies. Whether it's that elusive hot new title or obscure back issue from the vaults, they can find it for you. They delight in filling special orders and searching for the issues you need to fill those empty holes in your collection and your soul.

Whether you're a hardcore collector or just discovering the colorful world of comic books, they'll help you find that special something you've been searching for.

NEW COMICS - They stock the full range of titles available to the comics market. They have almost 500 different titles on display at any given time. Are you kidding me?! That's a lot of comics! Horror, politics, superhero, romance, biography, social criticism, silly goofiness - it's all there.

MANGA - Their manga wall contains almost 3000 books (well over 500 different titles) covering a wide range of subjects: sports, sci-fi, romance, action, adventure, war, politics, maids, robots, cute animals... the list is near endless. We encourage special requests!

ALL-AGES - Their Sesame Street lampost is the centerpiece of our all ages section. They have a range of new comics for kids consisting of old favorites (Archie, Disney, Scooby Doo, etc) and new (Spongebob Squarepants, Powerpuff Girls). There are sections for Star Wars, Simpsons, superhero digests, Archie digests, Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew comic digests, and Bone!

BACK ISSUES - They have over 200 long boxes of back issues on the floor for your perusal - that's in excess of 50,000 comics.

Monkey says... Read comics and get more smarter.

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