Dying Light LARP

200 years ago, the gates that lead us to this world came crashing down, stranding us light years from our home worlds. They never reopened.
Back then, Nexxus seemed worth fighting for. And we did, thinking the other side would pack up and go.
Back then, we had everything. Now? Well…the black market’s great for spare parts, and your lucky if that two-bit ritualist doesn’t tear a hole straight through to the monsters waiting on the other side of this fragile reality. Now, as magic dies and technology fails around us, we must to put aside our old hatreds and work together for survival.

We’re so screwed.

Dying Light is a Portland OR-based, post-apocalyptic LARP with elements of weird science, magic and slapstick, wild-west humor. Games last for one weekend a month, March through October. We use youth camp sites that provide hot showers, a full kitchen, and heated cabins for your comfort. Our community emphasizes roleplaying, teamwork and puzzle solving, however combat is simulated live with nerf guns and latex weapons.

Never LARPed before? We love new players! Our character guides can lead you through character building plus any practical camping tips to make your experience enjoyable.

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