Floating World Comics

Floating World Comics is a store for people who still like going to stores. They’re a bookstore that just happens to carry the coolest books of all – comics. But also art books, international art magazines, graphic design, illustration, animation, music and movie related items, anything that might serve as inspiration for creative people looking for something new. They’re also a gallery with First Thursday art openings and in 2008 they branched out into publishing. They’ve published over twenty books, art newspapers and comics including the resurrected Arthur Magazine.

They’re a store for readers. This may sound strange coming from a retailer, but when people ask what’s a good comic to buy, their advice is: buy one that you’re going to read more than once. There’s enough good comics out there that you don’t need to waste your money on crappy ones. What am they saying? Of course crappy comics are fun too. But do focus on the reading experience, rather than, say, collecting every issue that comes out. So they organize the shelves by writer, by publisher, by genre. So if you know you like this, you can go down the shelf and find something new you might like too. There’s good comics, and then there’s the real gems, ones that you want on your bookshelf at home that will continue to entertain and enlighten for years to come.

They’re a store for artists. They love searching the net to find new and interesting artists all over the world. They go out of my way to contact different distributors and curate a selection of books that are inspirational and exciting to discover. People who know what they like and what they want spend a lot of time in bookstores. They’ve seen it all and they’ve already collected most of what they want. These customers want to find something new, and Floating World caters to this desire. Imagine all those great books you’ve seen online, all in one room.

Floating World is also home to Landfill Rescue Unit, a record store specializing in new and rare punk, metal, psych, funk, soul, and rap vinyl.


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