Today's events

  • 8:15am

    Come play five rounds of AGA-rated Go! This is a handicap tournament, so you can expect some exciting, close games no matter your rank.

    For strong players (6D+ AGA), all games will be even -- may the best player win!

    Prizes will be awarded for:

    • Top three 6D+ (
    • ...
  • 10:00am

    The first consumer video games were created over 40 years ago. As years pass and new systems replaced the old, it does not always occur to game manufacturers and owners to preserve examples of their games for the future.

    Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) believes that, by...

  • 4:00pm

    An enigmatic secret agent locks you in a room. Everything in the room is a mystery to be solved or a clue to discover. You and your friends, colleagues or family must use your wits and skills to work together and make your escape!

    Race the clock.

    You have one hour from the time you...