2:00pm shows $18 Advance/ $20 Door : 7:00pm shows $20 Advance/ $23 Door


When the Earth is threatened with destruction by the planet Mongo, Flash Gordon, New York Jets football hero, and his high school sweetheart, Dale Arden must accompany Dr. Hans Zarkov into outer space to save save the Earth. But Mongo's Emperor, Ming the Merciless has other plans, and decides to wed Dale before destroying the Earth. Flash must avoid the amorous advances of Ming's daughter, Aura, and unite the warring kingdoms of Mongo to overthrow Ming to save his love and his planet... And he only has 14 hours to do it all!!!

Added to the show are 16 iconic...

Location: S1 Gallery, 4148 NE Hancock St, Portland, Oregon 97212

THE PROJECTS festival is proud to bring members of the Undervolt art collective to Portland. Undervolt members Johnny Woods, e*Rock and Peter Burr have programmed a night of multimedia performance, animation and immersive video installation at S1 Gallery. Undervolt & Co. was started by Yoshi Sodeoka and Johnny Woods as a label for experimental video artists. They curate new material and also distribute exclusive video titles in high-quality, downloadable formats...

Wolf in White Van Cover Image

As the creator of a text-based role-playing game, Sean Phillips, isolated by a disfiguring injury since the age of 17, guides players from around the world through his intricately imagined terrain.

An audacious and gripping debut novel from John Darnielle — front man for The Mountain Goats — Wolf in White Van (Farrar Straus Giroux) is a marvel of storytelling brio and genuine literary delicacy. Darnielle will be joined in conversation by Eisner Award–winning comic book writer Matt Fraction.


$25.00 - $95.00

Music from The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Portal, Journey, The Elder Scrolls, and many more. Memorable moments from some of the most popular and beloved video games of all time, along with stunning visual projections that bring the art of games to dazzling life.



Zoë Keating is a one-woman orchestra. She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, creating intricate, haunting and compelling music. Increasingly considered a role model for DIY artists, Zoë's self-released albums have sold over 35,000 copies and she has amassed an incredible 1.3 million Twitter followers.

Born in Canada and classically trained from the age of eight, Zoë spent her 20's dabbling in computer software while moonlighting as a cellist in rock bands. Inevitably, she combined the two and developed her now signature style while...

Come join us as we present our very own night of nerdtastic music!

Come for the Broadsides, stay for Baby Ketten Karaoke!

About the PDX Broadsides: Formed entirely on accident in September 2011 in he midst of a gleeful mania brought on in. A crucible of exhaustion, excessive coffee and a touch too much wine, The PDX Broadsides are a trio of nerd enthusiasts who sing about science, piracy, superheroes, robots, and other geeky topics with vigor and harmony. Jessica, Holly and Christian finished their first album TAKE EVERYTHING in June 2013 and are currently hard at work on...


$20 one day pass / $35 weekend pass
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GeekGirlCon works to empower women and girls to pursue their passions—whether they love science and technology, comics, literature, gaming, or anything else! Everybody is a geek at heart, in one way or another. Our mission is to ensure all these geeks are supported, welcomed, and encouraged to pursue what they love.

GeekGirlCon is a two-day convention that gives female geeks and their supporters the opportunity to build a community, share facts and fandom, and learn how they can help promote the role of women and other underrepresented groups in geek culture. We have a lot of...


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