Puzzled Pint is a social puzzle solving event which happens on the second Tuesday of every month in these locations around the world:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Bay Area, California
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • London, England (UK)
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Seattle, Washington (two locations: City and Eastside)
  • Washington, DC

The Friday before each event, we post a location puzzle to this web site. The solution to that puzzle will lead you to a local pub/bar/...

200 years ago, the gates that lead us to this world came crashing down, stranding us light years from our home worlds. They never reopened.
Back then, Nexxus seemed worth fighting for. And we did, thinking the other side would pack up and go.
Back then, we had everything. Now? Well…the black market’s great for spare parts, and your lucky if that two-bit ritualist doesn’t tear a hole straight through to the monsters waiting on the other side of this fragile reality. Now, as magic dies and technology fails around us, we must to put aside our old hatreds and work together for...

Browncoat (Broun*cot) -  a term applied to fans of the short-lived television series Firefly.[1][2] The name is based on a nickname for the Independent Faction from the series.  In the series, Browncoats were named after the simple, brown dusters they wore as uniforms. The simplicity of their gear was greatly due to the fact that technology and resources were scarce on the Outer Planets. Conversely, the Alliance’s soldiers were called “Purple bellies,” because of the purple-tinted body armor they wore on their chests.

The original incarnation of the PDX Browncoats (which encompases...

Periscope Studio is a collective of cartoonists, illustrators, writers, concept designers, graphic novelists, and storyboard artists based in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Periscope studio was founded in 2002 by 11 comics artists in Portland Oregon. Originally called Mercury Studio, the group changed its name to Periscope Studio in 2007 after expanding its membership to double its original size and moving to a new location.

Over the years, Periscope’s writers and artists have created countless pages of comics for just about every major publisher, and provided commercial...

Celebrating fourteen years of anime and Japanese culture, Kumoricon is back for its biggest year yet! Gaining its namesake (kumori) from the Japanese word "cloudy", we embody everything it means to live in the Pacific Northwest and love this fandom. Stretching across generations, anime fans have gathered together for an amazing annual event, rain or shine. Returning to Portland, Oregon, we are excited to bring you another wonderful anime convention designed and operated with the fans and their devotion in mind.

CHIFOO is the Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon.


CHIFOO (pronounced ‘ky - FOO’), Computer-Human Interaction Forum Of Oregon, a local professional chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, serves practicing professionals, academics and students in the Oregon and Southwest Washington region through lecture series, workshops and networking in the areas of User Experience, Usability and Interaction Design.

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