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Christopher Lee

After a career spanning nearly 70 years, Lee passed away on June 7 at the age of 93. On Tuesday, June 30, the Hollywood Theatre pays tribute to acting legend Christopher Lee (1922-2015) with a double feature of two of his iconic films: Dracula and The Wicker Man.


The first film of the Christopher Lee double feature will screen at 7:30pm:

The Hammer horror classic, Horror of Dracula (1958), in which Lee plays Count Dracula himself.


In the film, after a man attacks Dracula at his castle in Transylvania, the vampire travels to a nearby city where he preys on...

Quizmaster logo

Can you play the “Rains of Castamere” on acoustic guitar? Do insist that your children call you “Mhysa”? Do you always sit as close to the exits as possible at weddings? If so, you’ll fit right in at the Geeks Who Drink's next theme quiz. On Saturday, June 13th they'll open the fighting pits and watch you duel for fame, gold and glory in Fire Cannot Kill A Quizmaster: A Game of Thrones Quiz! If you went to any of the Geeks Who Drink's other themed quizzes, don’t worry, this will be bloodier, geekier, and finished long before George R.R. Martin releases another book. ...

Double Dragon

From the Hollywood Theater Website: Hollywood was still reeling from the disastrous Super Mario Bros. film when Double Dragon hit theaters in late 1994, narrowly beating the Street Fighter adaptation in a race to challenge audiences to sit through a 90-minute movie based on a game that’s just an endless series of punches and kicks.

Scott Wolf (you know, from Party of Five) and Mark Dacascos (you know, from nearly every low-budget martial arts movie released in the past 20 years) star...

Ultimate Star Wars

Ultimate Star Wars (DK), cowritten by Adam Bray, is an in-depth visual feast exploring the characters and storylines from the Star Wars galaxy. This beautifully illustrated guide is packed full of information about key characters and storylines from the Star Wars movie saga, The Clone Wars, and Rebels. Cloud City Garrison, a chapter of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers, will join us for the event.



Paul Newman and Robert Redford set the standard for the buddy film with this western classic. Sundance (Redford) is a mighty quick draw, and his partner Butch (Newman) is a gifted get-rich-quick schemer. With the law on their trail, the two pack their guns, and, along with Sundance's girlfriend (Katharine Ross), head for Bolivia, away from the men trying to bring them to justice – and death.

This OMSI Reel Science presentation includes a talk and Q&A with Diane L. Goeres-Gardner, poet, author, historian, and fifth-generation Oregonian.

Event Schedule:


$30.00 Festival Pass / $7.00 Single Movie Ticket

Entertaining. Inspirational. Thought-provoking. Science fiction cinema as both art and insight into popular thinking on the future is celebrated at OMSI's 2015 Sci-Fi Film Festival.


For one week, the festival will showcase 14 of science fiction’s most memorable films on the Empirical Theater’s four-story tall screen. From 1950’s classics such as Forbidden Planet to more recent favorites like Serenity, the festival’s offerings are sure to appeal to science fiction fans of all ages and interests.


Festival Passes
Plan on attending multiple...

Projekt Records and Movies in the Dark present a digital restoration of Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH.


LABYRINTH (1986) Fifteen-year-old Sarah accidentally wishes her baby half-brother, Toby, away to the Goblin King Jareth who will keep Toby if Sarah does not complete his Labyrinth in thirteen hours. Starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.

Gift bags for the first 50 people, courtesy of Projekt Records, plus a raffle!

Like a temporal loop resettling itself, it's once again time for Captain Picard Day! 

Have you ever felt like your life is worthless and without meaning? Did you then think that perhaps the reason for this was a lack of Jean-Luc Picard themed art in your life? Well, say goodbye to your existential angst at the best Captain Picard Day celebration in the entire alpha quadrant! 

You can submit your own art, inspired by the wisdom and grace of JLP, or just go and marvel at art so stunning it makes a Kurlan naiskos look like a plate of gagh. Entrants will not only have...

PGC Dark Crystal

Join the Portland Geek Council for a family-friendly movie matinee! They're showing The Dark Crystal with the Northwest Animation Festival. 




Another planet, another time. 1000 years ago the mysterious Dark Crystal was damaged by one of the Urskeks and an age of chaos has began! The evil race of grotesque birdlike lizards the Skeksis, gnomish dragons who rule their fantastic planet with an iron claw. Meanwhile the orphan Jen, raised in solitude by a race of the peace-loving wizards called the Mystics, embarks on a quest to find the...


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