Matt Graff and Jolby & Friends invite you to come support their Kickstarter campaign and play Roadkill Rivals, a fast-paced card game where players compete to create roadkill.

We will have tables reserved at Guardian Games on Thursday and Sunday for you to play a round or two with your friends, see some of the final artwork, and meet the designers and illustrators of the game.

As a unique bonus, anyone at the event who makes a Kickstarter pledge for a Roadkill Rivals game will receive a custom-illustrated card, drawn on-the-spot by Jolby & Friends.


Greatest gaming night ever in Portland. Beer and Pizza night happens ever third Thursday from January through September. All adults (21+) from 6pm onward with the store closing at 10pm. Large selection of beers. Trade in tokens for a slice of beer or bottle of pizza – $10 for five tokens. All variety of games available with a packed house. Bring your own game or borrow one of ours, Guardian has a huge game library.


Upstairs you can play social deduction games in the Level Up Room.


Dying Light Logo

200 years ago, the gates that lead us to this world came crashing down, stranding us light years from our home worlds. They never reopened.
Back then, Nexxus seemed worth fighting for. And we did, thinking the other side would pack up and go.

Back then, we had everything. Now? Well…the black market’s great for spare parts, and your lucky if that two-bit ritualist doesn’t tear a hole straight through to the monsters waiting on the other side of this fragile reality. Now, as magic dies and technology fails around us, we must to put aside our old hatreds and work together for...


$25, 22 and under free

Go is the oldest strategy game in the world, invented 3000-5000 years ago in China. This is Oregon's largest annual tournament.



Come play five rounds of AGA-rated Go! This is a handicap tournament, so you can expect some exciting, close games no matter your rank.


For strong players (6D+ AGA), all games will be even -- may the best player win!


Prizes will be awarded for:


Top three 6D+ (even games)

Top three 1D-5D (handicap)...

Join the Portland Indie Game Squad and Jumpdrive Studios in an evening of playing locally-made games and sketching your favorites! Game developers will be setting up their games for anyone to play while we've invited artists to come draw "fan art" of the games on display.
• Any developers are welcome to come set up their projects;
• any artists (or non-artists!) are welcome to make game-inspired drawings;
• anyone is welcome to come hang out, play games, and have fun!

This Drink n’ Draw is special in that the PIGSquad is teaming up with Jumpdrive Studios, which...

Demo Game Jam

Make a game project with friends and community members over the course of a week! Summer Slow Jams is a collection of game jam events happening once a month this summer, providing structure and networking opportunities for creatives in Portland.

The Demo Game Jam will have the general theme of "make a game project you can showcase." PIGSquad defines "game project" as anything related to games – a game itself, an album, a piece of art, an app, an animation about games, etc. There will be a secondary creative theme delivered on the Saturday the 20th meetup to give you the direct...


$42.50 - $60.50 weekend pass

Location: Columbia Conference Center at the Holiday Inn Portland Airport, 8439 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR 97220


Over the weekend, PDXAGE will offer many different ways to enjoy playing games with friends, new and old. There will be a mix of open tables, scheduled events and reservable tables open for play. Bring your own games to play and share or check out a game someone else brought. The event will wrap up Sunday evening with a raffle and chances to win some awesome prizes.


Nerd music courtesy of the PDX Broadsides! Raffle prizes from The Doubleclicks, Lee Moyer, Red Castle Games, and more! All for a great cause!


On Thursday, April 2 a drunk driver crashed through the front of Red Castle Games on Foster. Luckily no one was hurt - the store was open, but everyone was playing games in the back.

There was a lot of damage however, and the store was closed until Saturday morning. Thanks to all the folks who came out on Friday to help clean up they were able to reopen quickly!...

Powells Tabletop

Join your friends at Powell's for the third annual International TableTop Day. As an official host of this worldwide gamefest, presented by Geek & Sundry (the multimedia company/YouTube channel founded by Felicia Day), Powell's City of Books and Cedar Hills Crossing stores will offer a full day of gaming, new game demos, giveaways, and surprises. Whether you're a newbie, an experienced dungeon master, or just an old-school gamer, put down those dice, stack up those hex tiles, and come on down!

Portland Pinbrawl 2015

Portland Pinbrawl 2015 is officially part of the PAPA Circuit! Join the fun on Sunday, April 19th 2015, as 128 of the best pinball players from Portland and beyond gather at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade for Portland’s biggest pinball tournament!


What does being part of the PAPA Circuit mean? From the PAPA Circuit overview:

Each Circuit event is worth the same number of points toward our annual PAPA Circuit Standings, and all



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